Introducing SteakhouseCasual

Mr. Mikes SteakhouseCasual came to life in 2010 from the passion and the love of food and fun of Mike Cordoba, Al Cave and Robin Chakrabarti, three entrepreneurs who saw the potential in the heritage brand Mr. Mikes. Sharing core values of family, friends and fun, Mike, Robin, Al recreated Mr. Mikes into a place where people can connect through unique experiences driven by memorable moments on a platform of great food, ambiance, and being proud Canadians…..SteakhouseCasual.

SteakhouseCasual is about feeling like you belong, where everyone feels comfortable in his or her own way. Guests can come as they are and instantly feel like they fit in, and they will want to return again and again because they genuinely feel valued.

An experience in Mr. Mikes gives guests a chance to let their hair down, relax and have some fun. Its a place where you don’t have to be something you’re not, you can just be yourself. It means tasty and affordable creations from our signature steak and Mikeburgers to our home-branded wines and beers. It's about creating memories, uncontrollable laughs and the charm of warm service.

And at Mr. Mikes we offer two experiences under one roof, a restaurant on one side and an urbanlodge on the other.  Many places have lounges. Even more have sports bars. Nobody has an urbanLODGE. urbanLODGE is a sanctuary. It’s a place where you can meet and engage with family and friends. While the “LODGE” really seems to be a natural descriptor of the familiar, welcoming, wooden, rustic feel of MR MIKES, the “urban” means a little more hip, not to mention definitely more irreverent; the ambiance, décor, drinks and the music played are all a little more edgy and self-aware than the traditional pub or watering hole.

Bob & Nick Constabaris were onto something way back in 1960 when they opened the first MR MIKES restaurant on Granville St. in Vancouver.  MR MIKES has always been defined by what it isn’t, as opposed to what it is. Our brand is unstuffy, unpretentious and unassuming. Although some things haven’t changed in our 60+ years as a brand – like our focus on the guest and serving great food – the markets in which we operate have.  Our success has come through a balance of changing to meet guest demands while still sticking true to our roots, and we will continue with this strategy in the years to come.

At MR MIKES, we don't presume to be average or ordinary.  We celebrate our uniqueness and the momentous events that contribute to our diversity.  We chuckle in the face of political correctness and etiquette as we reminisce about that time, way back when.....